Experience the awesome energy of a group workout with the guidance of a personal trainer in every session!


During each 50-minute class, the entire group travels from station to station - losing weight, smashing goals and getting stronger in every class.


We provide you with a heartrate monitor for EVERY workout and make it ultra simple to push yourself. Hit that red zone!

Real people... real success. Join the thousand of people, just like you, who have lost weight with United Fitness

Free 21 day food, focus & fitness

 We’re launching another 100% free, zero deposit, zero dollar, free 21 day Food, Focus and Fitness workshop There is no catch! 

 focus: a focus coach will guide you every day to make sure that you get the results you crave. your coaches #1 priority is to make sure that you never feel alone. your coach will focus on helping you build a stonger mindset so you can live the life that you deserve! you will meet with your focus coach 3 times throughout the 21 days so we can track your progress. your coach will track your attendance daily to help you stay consistent, so you reach your goals.  

Free 21 day food, focus & fitness

fitness classes: you'll have unlimited acces to our cutting edge all in one fitness 360 group guided classes. each class include a variety equipment like water rowers, stationary bikes,easy to use weight machine, stair climber, resistance trainers, heart rate monitors, our fitness 360 app and much more. your workout will be demonstrated and taught by a united fitness group trainer. remember, you will go at your own pace. a heart rate moniter will be assigned to you to ensure that your heart rate doesn't go too high or too low during the workout. this device is linked to the united fitness 360 app where you will be updated with your performance at the end of every session. 

   food: You will reciving your own personalized meal plan to ensure when you lose your weight & body fat, it never comes back! life is to short to eat boring foods and be hungry all the time. your coach will still allow a "cheat meal" while you're out with the group. a united fitness recipe book will be provided to keep your food yummy! because nobody wants to eat the same thing every day!

Free 21 day food, focus & fitness

get our app!

Remember, you’re not in this journey alone. Our mobile app experience will serve as your mobile coach to keep you accountable every step of the way. Plus, you’ll be able to view your workout performance after each class to prove that you’re improving.


Jenn m.

manhattan beach

"United Fitness helped me lose my baby weight! It's a unique place and NOT your standard gym...I joined for the FREE 6 week/lose 20 pound challenge...RESULT: I lost 26lbs and 8% body fat in 6 weeks!!!!!"



"Workouts are intense! Mind and body get strong. The [6 week Challenge] program really got things started for me. I los more weight than I have in the past 5 years. If you are looking to change up your workout routine start that Challenge & commit!"

heather r.


"I have hypothyroidism and a lot of people were saying I was silly for even considering this...nothing else worked for me...So this was something new to try, with everything in my body and everyone around me saying NO - I did it anyways! THE FINAL RESULT: I did it!!! I completed the 6 week challenge! Lost 26 lbs...I still can't believe it!!"

jessica g.


"I signed up for the 6 weeks challenge. My goal was to lose 4% and United Fitness helped me reach that goal! Highly recommend! But you must be fully committed. Don't blame your coaches, because by the end of the day it's really up to you. Big thank you! You guys are awesome!!!!!"

“I think we all remember our first class - that feeling like there is no way you are going to make it through, and then that amazing feeling of accomplishment at the end.”

— Sam C.

Free 21 day food, focus & fitness
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